REIT Veteran Jonathan Morris Offers Deep Dive into Industry with New REIT Academy Platform By Sarah Borchersen-Keto

Jonathan Morris, adjunct professor in Georgetown University's Master's of Real Estate program and a former REIT executive, believes the continued success and evolution of the REIT industry highlights the need to enhance the level of understanding of the REIT structure and what makes it work so well.

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Increased Interest In Listed REITS By Arshiya Khullar

This PERE article by Arshiya Khullar describes in detail a shift by major or Joan funds to listed REITs away from private platforms. The unprecedented events of the past year have spurred greater interest in listed real estate and have given further weight to arguments by institutional investors for a greater exposure to real estate equities today. Karsten Kallevig, special advisor to the chief executive at Norwegian sovereign wealth fund steward Norges Bank Investment Management, said during an interview, "The listed world is getting more and more important for bigger institutions.

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Office REITs: Vaccine Can't Cure WFH Epidemic By Alex Pettee

As the world approaches the one-year mark from the onslaught of the COVID-19 global pandemic, a new paradigm, Work-From-Home ("WFH”), looms large. Office REITs have been hit hard as they remain vacant for the longest duration of the pandemic and find tenants working from their homes, NOT the office. This article, by Alex Pettee, CFA president of Hoya Capital Real Estate (and a REIT Academy Advisory Board member) argues that the pre-existing trends of workplace efficiency and technology disruption have been accelerated by COVID-19.

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REITS By The Numbers By NAREIT

NAREIT, the national REIT membership association, emphasizes the importance of equity REITs to the US economy by displaying them numerically. Approximately $3.5 trillion in gross real estate assets are owned by both public and private REITs, which significantly affects and contributes to the overall tax receipts base, the livelihood of each city & community, and the domestic job market. REITs classified using leading standards are included in the total market capitalization of the FTSE Nareit All REITs Index (including mREITs).

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How To Get It Right With REITS By David Auerbach and Mary Jensen

This article by David Auerbach (a REIT Academy Advisory Board member) and Mary Jensen demystifies what every REIT investor should know to "get it right with REITs” - from focusing on the secondary REIT sectors to explaining the drivers behind single-family rental REITs' exquisite performance in 2020. Similarly, data center and cell tower REITs, as well as industrial REITs, had a blast in 2020. Read the article for more details.

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COVID-19 and REITS By Reuben Gregg Brewer

Global economic shutdowns due to the pandemic exposed some major performance differences between REIT sectors. This article discusses how important LEASE TERM is - short & long - and the different risk levels that arise for each. The bottom line: all REIT investors should be aware of these critically important key factors.

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2021 Outlook for REITS By NAREIT

NAREIT looks at external cause of the 2020 recession, which differentiates it from the past economic downturns. The current recession was triggered by the extreme measures put in place due to the pandemic, such as business shutdowns, travel restrictions and social distancing. This article analyzes macroeconomic, commercial real estate, as well as REITs for 2021.

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Walmart to Start a Fintech Start-up By Teresa Rivas

Equity REITs experienced a hit in 2020 on rents, occupancies and stock prices caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This Barron's article argues this will have a detrimental long-term impact on REIT valuations for the mall, office, and retail strip shopping center sectors. Moreover, the sectors which are most likely to benefit from a COVID-19 vaccine are gaming, lodging, and net lease. Find much more data in the article related to each REIT sector and Barron's own outlook for the year ahead.

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CRE Feels Pressure From Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine sent the financial markets into a tailspin Thursday, adding new uncertainty to commercial real estate investors already …

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Jonathan Morris, a former executive at three publicly traded real estate investment trusts (REIT), is looking to fill a void he sees in the industry’s knowledge about REITs …

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REIT Sectors

There are two main types of REITs: equity REITs and mortgage REITs. Equity REITs own and operate income-producing real estate and typically earn income through rents. Mortgage REITs lend money directly to real …

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Pension Consultant Sees Growing Interest In Portfolio Completion Strategies Using REIT

Matt Ritter, senior research consultant for NEPC, joined guest host Meredith Despins, Nareit senior vice president …

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Asia Economic Recovery Could Reverse Property’s Pecking Order

The year has started on a promising note for Asian real estate, with a series of reports last month forecasting an investment rebound …

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Getting America Back To Work

Americans have been living through a period of intense uncertainty since March 2020 — struggling with an unprecedented pandemic and the economic distress it has caused …

Chart by Kastle Systems showing that the legal industry is returning to work faster than other industry's commercial offices in 2021

Kastle’s reach of buildings, businesses and cardholders secured generates millions of access events daily as users enter office complexes, and individual company workspaces …



Professor Morris is a MUST TAKE. The $1.5 trillion REIT market is necessary to grasp at a high level for anyone working in CRE. The way the information is conveyed is succinct and easy to grasp, especially when using a real deal examples.

John Williams,


Professor Morris truly inspired me to dig deeper into the REIT industry than I had ever considered. His passion is infections and he has a unique ability to transmit knowledge to non-experts in a precise, yet detailed manner, aided by his deep industry connections. He has world-class expertise in REIT structure, strategy and corporate governance and has a unique ability to identify and offer remedies for REIT management issues. As a shareholder and analyst of REITs, I wish every REIT in the country had someone with the insight and skillset of Professor Jonathan Morris. I wholeheartedly endorse taking his Executive REIT Masterclass.

Alex Pettee, President
Hoya Capital Real Estate


I have known Professor Morris since August 2015, when I enrolled in his Real Estate Investment Trusts graduate-level class at Georgetown University. Professor Morris' REIT class was highly sought after and highly recommended. His guest speaker program introduced me to leading practitioners in the field, as well as (surprisingly) the term paper requirement. I would soon learn that this requirement would be a great experience because I went from zero to sixty in understanding REITs, an interesting and highly complex topic within a few weeks' time.

Bobby Wilson, MSRE
VP, Acquisitions
Moore & Associates, Inc.