REIT Academy is a new and unique education platform dedicated to advancing the study of Real Estate Investment Trusts. We begin with the Executive REIT Masterclass, a full six (6) week course giving students an unparalleled deep dive into how a public REIT is created and how they are structured, operated, and evaluated as a public company. Program Professor has 29+ years of REIT/Real Estate experience + 10 years at a Major University Graduate Program. Additional programs will soon follow, embracing a global fabric with a sharp focus on ESG.

The Summer 2024 Semester of Executive REIT Masterclass starts June 18th, 2024

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Executive REIT Masterclass

Our inaugural program spans six (6) weeks, one evening per week with 3 hours of live instruction and guest speakers from the industry.

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Introduction to REITs

The Introduction to REITs course is a one-day opportunity to learn the basics of the REIT industry. It is the perfect foundation for our Executive REIT Masterclass. Please contact for more details.

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On-Site Executive REIT Masterclass

A full day session of the Executive REIT Masterclass conducted on-site at your location of choice. Teaching will be curated to the company’s objectives and sector.

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Leadership Advisory

1:1 Coaching for C-Suite Executives and Directors. Optional group engagement program within the same organization.

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REIT Academy offers a carefully designed set of programs created for professionals in the REIT industry, beginning with The Executive REIT Masterclass, a detail-oriented class on public REITs from inception to conversion to the IPO and beyond.

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What You Will Learn

How is a private company converted to a public REIT? What are the benefits to doing so? Detriments?
A public REIT embodies an entire set of important metrics unlike a private firm. What are they?
Income and Growth are the primary objectives for public and private REITs. How are they accomplished?
How will Industrial, Data Centers and New Economy REITs perform post-pandemic?
While the U.S. REIT industry is seen as the "Gold Standard" we will explore REITs on other continents.
Seasoned REIT Analysts, REIT Executives and more will speak every two weeks. The “Guest Speaker Series” is one of the highlights of our program.

And Much More.

REIT Academy International Forum

REIT Academy will host a monthly webinar with a focus on public REITs outside the continental United States. While the US REIT market is the gold standard, many high-quality public REITs are active and growing in the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, Mexico and Canada. We will begin by taking a look at the number of public REITs in each of these nations, their size and which sectors – office, industrial, apartments and more - are most prevalent. Advisory Board members Craig Smith, CFA and Juliana Hess have extensive experience and relationships throughout the EMEA and the Pacific Rim. They will lead the global outreach for REIT Academy.


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